Hi friends! First Story on this blog! Let‘s see how it goes…. 

“…This mass contains multiple low density areassuggestive of intratumoral necrosis/cystic change as well as multiple fori of intratumoral calcification.”

The graduate of St Gracie Medical School,  a smart cookie read these words to Oparebea Wilson in his Consulting room at the Mount Carmel Teaching Hospital. He tried to encourage her that she was fine and that it was just one of those things. Although she didn’t understand those words she felt blue because mere headache in her view,  wouldn’t call for such ‘huge’ words from her Specialist. 

Dr Earl Benson is a Neurosurgeon, had dark, bristly moustache and a cosmic smile that would get every lady smitten. In his Consulting room was the effect of his Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Perfume and a display of his Certificate from the medical school. To Dr Benson, life was just a bowl of cherries.

This was the second meeting he had with Oparebea,  a third year law student of the Greencreon law School.  Prior to her meeting Dr Earl Benson,  she had reported to the Greencreon clinic in her school. She had severe headaches for sometime and was tired of taking painkillers. Oparebea missed lectures a couple of times and some interim assessments due to her headaches. The Moot Court Competition was fast approaching and she knew she wasn’t going to moot this time around because she wasn’t prepared enough and thus, declined Prof. Causa’s(a name which was given to him by the law students) attempt to convince her to moot this time around. This would have been her third appearance in a moot court competition and her close contenders were never too ready for her. The Chief Justice of Ghana gave her the hats off on her first appearance to the moot court competition. Maybe that motivated her to do more, and felt the next person she would meet will be her Royal Highness,  the Queen of England.

Oparebea had elegant eyes and  kohl-black hair which rested over her shoulders. She had a cheerful character and a great dress sense which made her always walk with a spring in her step. 
She was referred to the Mount Carmel Teaching Hospital where Dr Benson looked closely at the results of the CTscan(Computerized Tomography). The results provided detailed images of Oparebea’s brain and after reading those words aloud(though he was reading to himself), one thing run through Oparebea’s mind-“what at all is he saying?  Aah! Common Headache too”. She knew Dr Benson and the Radiologist who conducted the scan were the only ones to understand what the results meant.
“Wow! I would have said this was Bell’s Palsy. My dear,  God is on your side”, he said.  This was because of the facial weakness Oparebea was experiencing on one side of her face and Dr Benson explained to her that it was due to a weakness in the branches of her facial nerves although the results showed it had affected her brain.      


After a couple of formal visits and reviews to the hospital to see her Specialist, Oparebea had recovered, although not fully. On a hot Sunday afternoon, after cleaning her dusty shoes, she lay on her bed and gazed at the ceiling, asking herself, Does he love me? Can we survive this? Am I sure of what I feel?  She was totally in a dilemma. She was crushing on him and it wasn’t funny. The relationship between Oparebea and her Specialist rather got informal after sometime. To her,  it was never too early to fall for her specialist. The last time she got out of a relationship was when she found out she was just a ”rebound chick”. That was about eight months ago and she had moved on.

The informal relationship between Dr Benson and Oparebea started when he offered to drop her off at her hostel one night after they went out for some kelewele which seemed to be a favorite of Doctor and law student. Earl Benson, back in high school was a flirt who knew exactly what to do when a pretty one like Oparebea was with him. On their way to the hostel in his Toyota 4runner, he asked, “We can go for an evening drink at the Booms Bar or do you prefer a rather high-class top shelf place where everyone is raving about?  This was the moment she had been waiting for, ‘Oh Yesu! Thank you o’ she thought. It was a yes to both options but they settled on the Parkish Restaurant at East Cantonments.

On the scheduled date, at 6:52pm, Oparebea was ready to meet her crush. She didn’t want to be half a second late. She got to the Restaurant at 7:29pm because there was no traffic and the Uber driver was nothing like a Sunday driver. It was fifteen minutes past the scheduled time which was 7:30pm and she began to run impatient.  ‘Relax, he would surely not disappoint you’, Emily,  her roommate texted her as she had told her he hadn’t arrived. 40 minutes, no show;  she decided to call him.

Oparebea’s first tear broke free, then the rest followed in an unbroken stream…… Dr Benson was involved in a motor accident on his way to meet her. He died!


Oparebea was beside herself in grief.

Photo credit: Google Images

Kelewele: A Ghanaian food made of fried plantains seasoned with spices.  Usually taken with groundnuts.
Yesu: Jesus


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  1. JB says:

    I had a feeling one of them was going to die but guess what, I nearly died after reading this!
    “…This mass contains multiple low density areas– suggestive of intratumoral necrosis/cystic change as well as multiple fori of intratumoral calcification.”
    Don’t scare my brain like that again you hear?😂😂😂
    Nice piece though♡

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice write up but unexpected end!


  3. JayBlo says:

    Funny enough i got diagnosed of Bell’s Palsy two days ago and thr doctor i met was so nice. She looked a bit older but i did not mind. Its a great piece plus i know Oparebea so i could relate. Keep the good work going dear.


  4. Maame Nuamaa says:

    Interesting piece dear, love it


  5. Naa says:

    Interesting piece❤❤ I was sad when he died though.😔
    Keep up the good work dear 😉


  6. iamnaana says:

    JB I’m sorry you got scared😂.lol
    Aww Kb… That was an abrupt end! and thanks😊


  7. iamnaana says:

    Thanks and speedy recovery Jayblo..
    Thanks Maame and Naa


  8. Akwaababafie says:

    My lawyer get them together and published
    I loved it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naana says:

      Yes ma’am(Akwaababafie)

      Liked by 1 person

  9. ktamankwaa says:

    Oh no, sad end. Dr Benson needs resurrection power.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Naana says:

      Lol.. Amankwaa, looks like you don’t want the story to end


  10. Ganzymalgwi says:

    lovely, piece, keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naana says:

      Thank you, Ganzy😊

      Liked by 1 person

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