Last Weekend Hon. Otiko Afisa Djaba, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection delivered a speech at the 90th Anniversary and Speech and Prize Giving day of the Krobo Girls’ Presbyterian Senior High School.

She stated “…If you wear a short dress, it’s fashionable but,  know that it can attract somebody who would want to rape or defile you. You must be responsible for the choices you make”. This did not seem to go down well with a section of Ghanaians.

I have been wondering how else our Minister could have put this advice of hers to our young girls. In my opinion she just hit the nail on the head.

These are girls who are mostly teenagers and were being advised to be responsible girls because dressing indecently like she put it, “in a short skirt” can attract a prey who can defile or rape them. I don’t think she literally meant ‘short skirts’. In my opinion this meant the wearing of provocative clothes. Some dresses can be long enough but still inappropriate to be worn by a lady who believes has some sense of dignity.


I attended one of the best girls Senior high schools in Ghana. My school is known for its strict Presbyterian discipline and that’s the reason why most parents would want their girls attend there. It is not for anything that this discipline has been maintained. If Miss Ndor, former Senior House mistress of Krobo Girls’ was not firm enough in checking the dressing of girls back then, most would be out of school dressing immorally and thus having no sense of dignity.

Just imagine finding yourself in one of these girls’ schools and seeing most of them with dress or skirt length above the knee(to the extent that it’s virtually short), most of you would question the Teachers and the Headmistress will make headlines in no time; “THE IMMODEST DRESSING OF SCHOOL ATHE FATE OF OUR GIRLS.” Then the sermon on discipline will be on everyone’s lips.

So why should the Gender Minister,  being the woman and mother she is be subject to criticism which mostly are to her person and not to the statement she made.

We are responsible for our decisions, when you dress modestly you get what’s modest and when you do otherwise…..!


Remember Dressing immodestly is like rolling around in manure. Yes! You will get attention, but mostly from pigs.


The Choice is yours.
On this note I give Hon Otiko Afisa Djaba✅ for hitting the nail right on its head.



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  1. Ida says:

    I believe she said what a mother needs to tell her daughter. I believe everyone liable to whatever happens to him or her.


  2. Danny Wright says:

    I think people try to create an alternate reality that is perfect, and then get upset when the actual reality imposes itself into their lives. In their alternate reality, a girl can dress any old way she pleases without consequence. But the true reality with which we are all faced is full of threats and evil. And when someone reminds us that the reality that we wish existed doesn’t, we can get upset.
    No one would wear a transparent purse out with thousands of dollars and valuables in it, and no one seems to be offended by the suggestion that doing so would be unwise. Why is that? Also, we all know it’s wise to wear a seatbelt, and no seems to get offended about that either. In the same way, no girl should be offended when someone points out that reality dictates that wearing provocative clothing is, among many other things, unwise.

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  3. iamnaana says:

    Great Danny! The choice is ours. Either the Alternate reality or the Actual.


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